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How to Rank Number 1 on Google in 2019 using 7 Important SEO Tips

What are the Important SEO Tips are Required to Rank on Google Page

December 14, 2018 - Uncategorized - ,

We know that Google continuously changes their algorithms for user friendly results, So What factors will be affect in 2019 for rankingon SERP, Here we cover main 7 SEO tips that will affect the ranking in 2019

1) Focus on Google Voice Search Algorithm  

As we know that Google assistance is getting popular now a day, near about 20% of searches is done by using voice search, we have to focus to create our website or blog more conversational to engage our users.

2) Mobile Friendly Websites

This is one of the important factors for ranking, Because we get more searches from mobiles, about 60% to 80% search are getting from mobiles, So we need to keep our website mobile friendly, we can improve our UI/UX for our mobiles. We can reduce the page load time for quick results by optimizing the site properly, Avoid screen cutting images, Use AMP plug-inn for optimizing your site

3) Try to Add FAQ in Your Blogs

By adding FAQ’s in our blog we can engage our customer, the relevantly asked questions may be rank for voice search, and Google will think that your website is more conversational

4) Use Infographics Over Text

I saw some websites they have lots of informative text on their sites but they are on lower rank than who are using Infographics in there post,peoples love to engage with images if you provide information through Infographics it is best way to getting rank on Google

5) Add videos on Blogs or Websites

If you are using the videos on your sites it means that user will engage more time on your site, it will obviously decrease your bounce rate.

6) Google Business Listing

If you are doing local business then Google listing is best option for you, because most of the people visit there business page and reviews of users and make their mind set for that product or service, and it’s also helps in voice search results

7) Content is King

Again whatever efforts you are taking for SEO the best way is to create User friendly content there is one phrase,“If Users love you then Google love you” So never focus on machine friendly content, focus on users because Google is developing its artificial intelligence, It means that Google will think like Human.

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